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Here we have designed a slow, low, carb weight loss plan. The meals are fibre packed (fuller for longer, looks after your bowel, vitamins, minerals), they avoid sugar and white flour as much as possible . .(addictive, cause weight gain) and they are good sources of protein. Each meal is about 500 calories and so 3 meals totals 1500 calories. Remember that you do need to count calories and eat less than your body needs but if you look on our food science pages, it is becoming apparent that not all calories act the same on the body. Calories from refined carbohydrates may encourage your body to hold on to it's weight and make you feel sedentary. Ignore what other weight loss companies tell you - you can't have your treats and lose weight. By doing this you will end up wanting refined carbs and trying to stay on your diet through willpower. This only works temporarily. The best way is to give up refined carbs altogether. Detox. Give up sugar and white flour. Give it a month. See how hard it is and then how great you feel. It's like smoking - if you don't have one snack you won't want another. Use your calorie allowance on nutritious food instead of losing some to refined snacks and your body will feel great! Our slow, low carb, slow carb diet reflects some of the latest research and opinion in diet and health. It seems our bodies need carbohydrates to make serotonin which is why we have not eliminated carbohydrates completely. However, Dr. Lustig of UCLA, suggests that refined carbs, like sugar and flour should be kept low to avoid obesity and obesity related diseases. This diet promotes foods with heart healthy fats and keeps non healthy fats to a minimum. For example, mackerel has saturated fat in it, but is considered to be a heart healthy food. It is suggested that fats aid in appetite suppression so this diet is not low fat. Please don't fall into the notion that this is a high protein, low carb diet. As an essential element to this diet is the high quantities of vegetables and hence fibre. Vegetables and fibre, in conjunction with protein and fat, helps you feel full. Protein and fat alone will not achieve this result so satisfactorily. The vegetables also provide a hugh amount of micro nutrients that will help you feel alive and energetic again. Who knows? It might even make you feel like exercising again! Fibre helps to prevent colon cancer.


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